Cahors Challenge Raises £8000

March 22, 2012


4 pairs of legs , 540 miles, 35 degrees, 40 litres water, 500 metre ascents, 40 mph descents, 1 large tub and 1 puncture…


“Of course I’ll sponsor a team for the Cahors Challenge John” said Emma without hesitation. Emma had made a big commitment here and so the team comprising of Nick Lantsbery and John Brooks of Group, Bev Roberts of Ken Hall and Dave Harvey of Premier were determined that this must be a big one in terms of money raised. “We set ourselves the target of raising at least £4000, this being 4 times the minimum set by the organisers and way above the usual team average” points out Nick.


The challenge was to raise the most funds for charity of course but the event was to ride 540 miles to the south of France by bike in relay. “John said it was going to be tough,” said Nick “he was the only one who had done it before. I had high expectations but the event far exceeded even that. We were cycling in the foothills of the Massif Central, crossing the Loire, the Creuse, the Lot and the Dordogne on the way.  It was all about raising money for charity and all 80 teams were focussed on supporting each other in achieving the challenge. The four of us crossed the finish line together obviously tired, obviously sweaty and obviously sore (what a great product is Sudocrem) but immensely satisfied at what we had achieved together and now the best of friends.”


The total achieved by the team stands at £8000 and they are seriously in contention to win the challenge for The Bennie Group – “Now we want silverware!” demanded Nick.

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