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Duration:2 weeks
  • Approx 2,700m2 of PowerCem Stabilisation.
  • 100mm topsoil strip
Overview:Barton were contracted to provide earthworks and stabilisation on a temporary haulage road and compound area at Finchampstead, for Breheny.

We utilised RoadCem stabilisation combined with cement to treat the otherwise unusable insitu soil, providing adequate strength for HGV/lowoader vehicles to access the site.



Scope of work:

Barton were contracted by Breheny to provide a stabilisation solution on a temporary haul route, compound area at Finchampstead site.

The access road needed to have suitable weight bearing properties to support HGV/lowloader vehicles, yet the insitu soil was untreatable with standard lime stabilisation.

Barton provided a cost effective solution in RoadCem stabilisation, which combines with cement to treat a range of typically untreatable soils.

Works completed included:

  • Mobilisation of stabilisation equipment.
  • Stripped top 100mm of surface vegetation and topsoil; including strip and side cast to stockpile adjacent to the works.
  • Minimal cut and fill works to create required cross fall to achieve water run off to one side.
  • Treat top 300mm of surface with blend of RoadCem and Cement products. (Works to provide adequate strength for intended HGV/lowloader access and occasional tracked machinery).

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