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RoadCem™ stabilisation

Barton have partnered with PowerCem Technologies to become the preferred UK installer of RoadCem.

RoadCem™ is a stabilisation additive which has been specially developed for application in road building and hydraulic engineering, utilising a fine blend of powdered zeolites that enables binding with almost any kind of materials.

RoadCem differs from standard lime or cement stabilisation solutions due to its combination with cement that allows for the use of normally untreatable soils to be possible, such as organic and sulphate bearing soils. Traditionally these materials hold a number of restrictions on there use limiting options during construction.

Utilising RoadCem within our stabilisation capabilities allows us to make better use of in-situ materials, such as topsoil, clay, sand and peat in the right circumstances. Utilising materials onsite not only lowers cost, but also shortens construction time.

As RoadCem increases the physical properties of practically any road metaling and cement bonded materials used in earthworks, surfacing is possible with minimum dilatations directly applied to the treatment formation.

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Benefits of RoadCem

  • Shorter construction time
  • Cost-effective
  • Better use of in-situ materials
  • Use of secondary materials
  • Durability

RoadCem can provide the most overall cost effective option when considering overall construction cost. The diagram below demonstrates the comparative cost example for traditional construction vs stabilisation formations vs RoadCem when constructing a road. All three examples are shown as a comparison from topsoil strip level.

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RoadCem Resources

Guides and comparisons on the benefits of RoadCem vs traditional stabilisation solutions.

About PowerCem

PowerCem Technologies offers products that enable the cement hydration process to be modified and a host of optimised and improved mechanical properties to ensue. The modified cement bound materials have been used successfully on thousands of projects worldwide. These include roads, dykes, tunnels, harbours, airports as well as many applications in civil and infrastructure construction. 

The main advantage of PowerCem technology is the use of in-situ materials in such a way that in general only about 10-20% new building materials have to be applied compared with a traditional pavement construction. This unique ability to bind secondary material instead of using the increasingly scarce primary building material has led to creation of highly durable construction material that offers a variety of benefits confirmed by international organisations in research such as UNESCO , TU Delft and University of Ulster, including: 

  • Cost reduction
  • Significant construction time reduction
  • Higher quality and more durable construction
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly construction

The ability of RoadCem™ to turn local soils and even waste material such as sludge into strong building materials, offers a convincing vision for a sustainable future whereby scarce and expensive primary building materials can be replaced by all that is in-situ and used for not only pavement construction but also other load bearing uses in civil engineering applications. 

RoadCem™ is used in several applications such as:

  • Construction Platforms – RoadCem™ high modulus of elasticity provides a durable and level surface, using the existing in-situ soil, with improved efficiency and safety for all construction activities. In particular, support platforms for steel work erection, mobile cranes, storage/lay-down areas and any heavy plant operations are amongst typical uses.
  • Piling Mats – A typical piling mat requires a platform that can be penetrated effectively in a safe manner without losing integrity. A RoadCem™ piling mat can be made rapidly using the existing site soil and formed at a level and strength that would work well with most types of piling technology without cracking.
  • Permanent Works – RoadCem™ stabilised layer can be used either as a foundation to improve the load bearing capacity or in some cases in place of ground bearing slab.
  • Car / Bus Parks – RoadCem™ can be used effectively as a car/bus parking base as an alternative to either flexible or rigid pavement, reducing the costs significantly and increasing the performance and durability of the pavement.
  • Permanent Roads – The RoadCem™ stabilised layer is a great pavement foundation and replaces the conventional construction, offering significant savings on cost and time of construction. In most cases for a permanent road construction a 40mm asphalt wearing course will suffice as the trafficked layer on top.
  • Airport Taxiways/Aprons – A cost effective and higher performance alternative to conventional construction offering a more durable pavement and constructed in a fraction of time with less import of construction material.

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