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Soil stabilisation

We are experts at using lime, cement and other binder materials to geotechnically adjust areas of weak soil to allow for greater weight bearing for construction material. This is an exceptionally cost effective construction method for improving the weight bearing properties of virtually any soil found on site. Typical uses are: housing, railways, bulk fill applications, built roads and industrial units.


Levels of treatment

There are two main levels of treatment in our soil stabilisation process, these are:

  • Improvement/ modification – We reduce the high moisture content in generally passible materials to allow the excavation, placing and compaction of land fill in a cost effective manner.
  • Stabilising – We mix the host material with binders and water to create a product with long term durability and weight bearing strength. Engineer checks are used to ensure this mix meets required standards.



As the only technique capable of treating weak soils, soil stabilisation has been endorsed by the Highways Agency since 1976. We ensure that construction work can be carried out cost effectively and quickly through our soil stabilisation techniques. See below how our soil stabilisation process can benefit you.

  • Quality Control – we hire our own engineers to monitor quality throughout the process alongside regular external checks from testing companies.
  • Cost – work carried out on in situ soil is typically more cost effective than digging and moving soil, which incurs costs of vehicle movements, importation of additional aggregate and possible landfill taxes.
  • Time – We can shorten the construction period via minimising site preparation requirements, alongside importing and tipping activities.

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