Soil Stabilisation

We are experts in our field at using lime, cement, RoadCem and other binder materials to geotechnically improve areas of weak soil to allow the ground to take a greater loading for construction.

This methodology of modification or stabilisation of the existing ground allows us to offer a cost effective alternative to removing the material off site and importing other fill materials and reduces the carbon footprint by eliminating the requirement for road lorries to move materials in and out of the site.


Typical uses are: housing, railways, bulk fill applications, built roads and industrial units.

Key Features:

Modification | Stabilisation | Remediation | RoadCem

Key Benefits:

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Greatly reduces Carbon Footprint through reduction in lorry movements
  • Achieves a higher BREEAM rating on projects.
  • Allows raising of formation levels on sites where surplus materials are destined for offsite disposal in combination with reduced granular import requirements
  • Unsuitable site won materials can be rendered suitable as engineered fill.
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